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How to Get a Professional License in Dubai

It is important to get an acceptable license to open a company in mainland Dubai. Based on the form of the company, trade licenses in Dubai/UAE are listed. As well as the key prerequisite for starting a business in Dubai is a legitimate license. A professional license in UAE is given to a business or company engaged in some kind of commercial trade operation. Both general and specialist dealers/owners may use commercial licenses and practice in the area.

If you want to set up a company in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, a commercial license is a prerequisite. The local government has always been welcoming and focuses on helping to grow the area as a destination for the industry. The process of obtaining a commercial license is easy and inexpensive in Dubai.

Choosing a Business Activity

The first step throughout the professional licensing process is to define the type of operation that determines alternatives for the legal form and the involved parties with this kind of behavior. The DED Dubai website lists more than 2,100 business activities, which fall into various groups and classes: manufacturing, industrial, technical, and tourism operations.

Selecting a Legal Form

A ‘legal form’ is a summary of the type of company that is being formed in Dubai, and there is no need to fill in the legal method. When selecting the legal form, business type, business practices, and the citizenship of the owner should really be addressed.

Application for Initial Approval Certificate

Businesses are supposed to implement for an Initial Approval Certificate, which is an official assurance from the DED that the individual does not object to starting a business mostly on the mainland of Dubai. The trading license in Dubai Is valid for 6 months and could be extended by paying approximately AED 120.

Memorandum and LSA Agreement (If Applicable)

Business owners and associates may also need to draft and sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA), depending upon the specific structure of the corporation. The stakeholders need to sign a Local Service Agent (LSA) / Corporate Offers application with such a UAE national for a professional license, who will oversee the licensing and enforcement organization.

DED registration

Owners of businesses have to verify if their operation falls within the categories specified by the DED that receive government authorization. Business operations and the list of external permits are periodically maintained by DED’s Business Registration and Licensing Field.

For business organizations in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development is responsible for approving business and technology licenses. You may have a great deal of uncertainty about the cost of a professional license in Dubai, issuance, formalities, and everything.

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You First: Importance of PRO Services to your Company

Running a business in Dubai or setting up your own company in the UAE can be difficult as well as an overwhelming decision. But, the growing number of requirements and compulsions attached to business setup in UAE can be changing if adequate information and the right resources are not at hand. An easy remedy to this is the PRO services and document clearing services in Dubai and across UAE.

So what are PRO services?

Dubai has been expanding at a fast pace and consistent changes in commercial law and the financial systems are common. For a business enterprise or an individual entrepreneur, it is expected to deal with several government departments and judicial officials of Dubai, while starting as well as monitoring business in Dubai. The best PRO services in Dubai will help you through all the requirements concerning these authorities. Some of the departments in Dubai that PRO services firm assists with are the Department of Economic Development (DED), Trade and Chamber of Commerce, the Dubai Economic Chambers, the several Dubai Visa, Dubai Ministries, and Immigration departments, etc.

The Dubai government has been undertaking to make the commercial obligations and document clearance services in Dubai user friendly, yet, conciliation can be huge. Further, being a foreign country knowing the rules and regulations; change in the money, Arabic translated documents and such other constraints can be challenging to overcome on your own. Thus, the support of a Public Relationship Officer (PRO) could be very beneficial.


Here are some steps that indicates the need for PRO service providers in UAE:

  • The need to advise and update the company about registration, permits, licensing, payments.
  • To ensure compliance with the judicial systems, the legal structures, and the numerous government agencies that need to approve of the company and its commercial activities.
  • The need to rise before the local authorities and secure the company’s business license. Also to take care of the permit applications and restoration of the concerning licenses.
  • To purport the requirements of the Immigration & Labor Department for the company and to process and receive related documents.
  • To acquire labor approval, employment visa, labor card, entry permit, labor contract, residence visa, and work towards different document clearing services in Dubai.
  • The need to build and retain a virtuous working relationship with local and national government offices.
  • To ensure that business is completely knowledgeable as well as timely apprised about all the governmental protocols and instructions.
  • To maintain the company’s authorized stamps, official governmental letters, and all the certified letters sent to the Government.

The above transcribed are just a few duties provided by companies offering the most reliable PRO services in Dubai. There are huge governmental as well as legal responsibilities dealt by a Public Relation Officer. 

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YouFirst: 3 Keys How to Setup Successful Business in Mainland Dubai

Are you planning for a business setup in mainland Dubai? It can be overwhelming for the inexperienced and complicated than setting up in a Freezone Company Formation. To start with, you will need to manage all the legal and administrative procedures, apart from the ability to run a thriving business in the UAE marketplace.

  • Get a local sponsor

The hugest difference in setting up a business in the Mainland or a free zone is in the ownership regulations. For the mainland, you will need a UAE national to be your local sponsor. This means the local sponsor will own 51% of the company shares while the remaining 49% possession of the shares relaxes with the ex-pat. These shareholders may not spend in your company but will still be a legitimate owner of majority shares.

 However, the emigrant partner can be the operating partner of the company and hold 100% operational powers. Sponsors will not be associated with the day to day activities of the company. In the case of licensed firm formation, the ex-pat is allowed to own the firm 100% but a sponsor – formally called local service agent (LSA) is still a necessity. 

  • Register with the DED

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the central regulatory body for forming companies in mainland Dubai. They are liable for the economic growth and progress in Dubai and they accomplish this by developing economic policies and regulations, recognising strategic growth sectors and rendering efficient services to local and international investors. They are the company registration and license issuing authority of the Dubai Mainland Business. They are also qualified for commercial compliance and consumer protection.

  • Get Your Business Address Verified-

The Dubai Municipality is needed to verify your office address and the tenant must ensure that the tenancy agreement and Ejari (tenancy contract registration certificate) are in place before petitioning for a license.

If you aren’t certain of the processes of incorporating up a business or find it too difficult, it is always better to take the help of a local Dubai based business expert to ensure the legal issues are controlled carefully.

Here are the steps for the company formation in UAE:

  • Choose the right business activity and legal type that satisfies your business
  • Select a local partner or a local service agent
  • Get the primary approval for name and business activity
  • Get the MOA/Agreement notarized
  • Select the office space and get the agreement of tenancy
  • Obtain any other further approval (if required)
  • Final submission of for a license

The above steps might still appear a bit confusing. But you can always rely on You First a business setup company in UAE that can guide you through the process seamlessly. Get in touch with us today:

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4 Keys to expand Business in UAE

Dubai is a standard for diversification, but what about its markets? In the era of rising competition, how can entrepreneurs adapt their enterprises to reflect, or even excel in the growth of the Emirate’s economy? Pursuing new income streams is fascinating for any entrepreneur, but it needs meticulous planning and a cool head.

Get it right and you could turbocharge your business. Get it wrong and your business could be seriously hindered. So, what’s the secret to success when it comes to diversifying your business model? Here are six ways to maximize the benefits of business expansion in the UAE:

  1. Do your research

Understand whether you’re on the right track from the get-go. Would you set up a startup without doing any market research? Obviously, not! The same applies to expand your business oversea markets.

Before implementing any changes, gather as much feedback from your client base as feasible and see where you are going wrong, where you can enhance and where you need to tap into new areas.

  1. Be open to new ideas

Don’t get grounded on sustaining your old model. If your company isn’t growing as fast as you want it to be, or if you foretell tough times ahead, increasing your existing model could be a risk worth taking. But you need to be open to transformation, and to some amount, risk.

  1. Examine markets you can easily move into

Reduce uncertainty with a stepping stone approachExpanding your business model doesn’t certainly mean expecting a ‘lightbulb’ moment and then pursuing completely various revenue streams irrelevant to your business. In fact, moving into parallel markets as the opportunities rise could be more profitable and carries less risk.

  1. Don’t neglect your existing customers

Focusing on your core market is significant. Tapping into new income streams can be dangerous if it takes too many resources from your core offering. That’s if your core offering is valuable of course. If you intend to diversify while proceeding to develop your core business, make sure your current customers feel treasured. Keep customers notified of upcoming changes.

Convince them that they are, and will continue, leading to your business, and illustrate this with rewards like customer loyalty programmes, higher engagement through social media, promotional gifts, email marketing and other communication channels.

Setting up your own business has never been seamless. You First – The Business Setup Company – takes care of all your needs from Business Setup Services, Company Formation, Trade License, and more so you can concentrate on what matters – building your business. For more information contact us at:

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You First: Tips How To Start A Business In UAE Free Zone

So, you want to embark on a new business venture in Dubai free zone – but how?

Initially, you need to choose the type of business you want to run. Will, you set up as a freelancer? Or set up a free zone company and hire others?

Setting up as a freelancer can be an inexpensive option, however not all of Dubai’s free zones offer freelance licenses, so you are slightly restrained in where you call home. While, for the free zone company option, there’s loads of choice with both sector-specific and all-encompassing zones on offer.

Here are some ways explained to kick start your business in Dubai FreeZone:

  1. Choose a business activity:

The primary step to establish your business in Dubai free zone is picking on the business activities you need to carry out, as this will influence where you can register your company. The type of license you apply for will also depend on the company formation you wish to carry out – such as commercial, professional services, trading, etc.

  1. Find a free zone

Once you’ve determined your business activities, the next step is deciding which free zone is right for you. There are various factors that may influence your decision, but considering the location of your chosen free zone plays an important role regardless of whether you’re planning to set up a digital company or import/export with more travel.

  1. Choose a company name

Picking a name for your business is challenging no matter where in the world you wish to set up. There are lots of factors to consider from the sensitive to the practical. Is it reliable? Unique>? Attractive? and a lot more.

  1. Make your license application

Now that you’ve chosen what you’re planning to do, where you want to do it and under which title you’ll trade, it’s time to make your Dubai Free Zone company formation official by proposing your application. As a common rule of thumb, you can expect to be asked for some or all of the following:

  • Application form
  • Business plan
  • Colour copy of shareholder’s passport and visa if applicable
  • Board resolution
  • Memorandum and articles of association

When setting up as a freelancer, you may also be asked to provide proof of invoices or work orders.

  1. Applying for visas

You can also make your visa request at this stage. You can apply for your own visa as well as those of your employees and any internal staff you may have.

Whether appealing for your own visa or sponsoring someone else’s, the method is the same: entry permit, medical fitness test, status adjustment, then Emirates ID registration and visa stamping.

  1. Opening your corporate bank account

Of course, you’ll need a bank account to trade seamlessly. Opening a corporate bank account in the UAE is not always smooth and there are plenty of considerations to keep in mind – not least each bank’s eligibility guidelines.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you have the right documentation in place. As well as your business licence, you’re expected to need:

  • A corporate account opening form
  • A board of directors’ decision sanctioning the opening of the account, and the signatories to the account
  • A copy of your share certificates
  • A copy of the company’s memorandum and articles of association
  • A copy of your company’s certificate of incorporation
  • Copies of passports for all partners in the company

Dubai free zone company formation made easy

And that’s it! It seems quite easy, isn’t it? Just six steps to get your Dubai free zone business set up. However, just like any company decision, there are potential traps along the way.

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