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How to Expand your Business in Dubai

An outreaching business is a sign of a healthy business. Developing more and more activities on the business front makes your business grow at a pace that you would want to. When a commercial business runs at a reasonable speed on the home front, the next logical step is expanding by multiplying the branch offices. A branch office alludes to a subsidiary of a foreign-based Organization.

Why open a Branch office In Dubai?

There are massive benefits of formulating and expanding your business in Dubai. Being able to trade in the UAE market by creating a branch office will speak volumes about the successful venture you have been associated with.

Here are some of the perks that you would be pleased to consider

  • Zero Corporate Tax
  • A cost-efficient business proposition
  • A global company can own 100% of its shares in the branch office

Things to keep in mind

  1. Types of Branch Offices in Dubai
  • Free Zone Branch Office will have different rules and laws than the ones in Dubai Mainland
  • Dubai Mainland Offices subjected to a whole different set of laws and systems

Article (313) of the Companies Law requires a foreign business to conduct its principal operation in the UAE by starting a branch or a representative office.

2. How to Set up a Branch office in Dubai?

  • Identify and collaborate with the local agents who are members of a company wholly owned by UAE nationals
  • Register the name for your business.
  • Apply to a ministry of economics with requisite details
  • Receive a Trade License
  • Register your company and allied services

Ensure that you have all the documents required to set up a Branch Office in Dubai, like the certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Article of Association, and the likes as mandated by the Government time and again. 

YouFirst – the business setup company in UAE is one of the most acclaimed company formation consultants in UAE. We have years of experience and collaborations with Government agencies that allow us to end business solutions for international businesses. 

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Five Benefits of Hiring Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Dubai’s policies and market invite businessmen from all over the world because of its exponential growth opportunities and tax laws. There is a good scope for all sorts of companies whether it’s offshore, mainland, freezone or e-commerce; every type of business has its distinct advantages and guidelines set by the authorities paving the way for businessmen to optimally and strategically utilize it and succeed. Company formation in the UAE demands an extensive research of the market and the clarity of its regulations for which you might require an assistance of a business setup company in UAE so you can smoothly conduct your operations. Five benefits of hiring a business setup consultant in the UAE are discussed in this blog briefly. 

  1.   Legal Formalities 

The registration of the company is an elaborate process for which you need to be crystal clear about each step and formality. A business setup company in UAE will put on the table all the risks involved and alternate options for you to make the correct decision. 

  1.   Ideal Jurisdiction 

This entirely depends on the type of business you are planning to run. A business setup company in UAE will recognize your concept and put it under a category and find the ideal jurisdiction area in coordination with the DED. 

  1.   Competitive Research 

    A business setup company in UAE will do extensive research and guide you in the right direction to avoid the risks and face your competitors tactically.

  1.   Business Costing 

They can analyze the expenditure that is to be done and allocate your funds properly. Besides the standard registration cost, they will make you aware of the discounts, packages and offers and cost-effective solutions. 

  1.   Ensure smooth processes

YouFirst- The Business Setup Company is thorough with all the aspects of a business as they have a specialist to guide you in every aspect. It ensures smooth processes of your business so that you can focus on other operational activities.

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How to Get a Virtual Company License in Dubai

Doing business in Dubai just got easier with the newly launched Virtual Company License in Dubai. Business Setup in UAE is no longer complex with a very simple process in place now. The newly launched license will allow the foreign business people or investors to set up their businesses in the city and they will not have to reside in Dubai.

All your queries related to this newly launched Virtual Company License in UAE are answered below. Read on to know more.

What is a Virtual Company License?

The Virtual Company License lets the overseas residing entrepreneurs set up their enterprise virtually in Dubai, without the need to reside in the city. About citizens of 101 nations can apply for the license.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

There are certain eligibility criteria to be adhered to while applying for the license. The details of which are as below-

  1. The License cannot be issued to the residents of Dubai
  2. The License can be issued to the citizen of 101 nations as listed down by Dubai Government.
  3. The License can be issued for predefined businesses only as listed down by the Dubai Government.


How to apply online for the License

Find below the step by step guide to register for Virtual Company License

  1. Registration of the company through the Dubai Virtual Commercial City’s website. Input all the information related to the kind of business activity you intend to carry out.
  2. Updating the following documents
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your address proof
  • Proof of tax residency
  • A recent photograph in white background
  1. Keep track of your application

After you apply, the authentication process will begin. In the meantime, you can keep a track of the same through the Dubai Virtual Commercial City’s website. The verification process can take up to a month after which you will receive an official email with the information about your application.


Once you receive a confirmation you would be expected to pay a certain fee. After the successful transaction, you are authorized to begin your enterprise in Dubai. 

We expect the guide should support you with an understanding of the various aspects of Virtual Company License in Dubai. Likewise, you can also get in touch with a Business Setup Company in Dubai who can guide you with the various facets of setting up a business in Dubai. YouFirst – the Business Setup Company has a solid track record of supporting various enterprises with their dreams of setting up businesses in the UAE.

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Difference between a Mainland and Freezone Company?

Is your idea of business finally at the stage of being executed on the ground? You’ll have to be aware of certain ground rules and analyze your options to see what kind of company formation in UAE is suitable to be incorporated. Mainland and Free Zones are usually the ones on the plate where you have to define your corporate algorithms and choose.

A Free Zone is a definite area where free trade and commerce is permitted by the authorities in the country to invite foreign investors that will add up to the economy in general. Although it is referred as a Free Zone, there are certain rules in place for the licensing, customs and preferential tax for the free zone regions. The Mainland business setup company in UAEon the other hand is a structured company licensed by the Department of Economy Development like a Public Stock Company or a Limited Liability Company. Usually, there is sharing of ownership in a mainland company through shares and stocks. 

A Free Zone company enjoys the easy foreign investment flow and the choice to be the sole proprietor of the company but it’s limited to trade only within the free zone divisions, unlike the Mainland companies who are free to trade in any market, that of free zone as well and outside the country in all the categories of a commercial, industrial or a banking setup. 

Setting up a Mainland company is a task in UAE as you will have to go through the standard procedures and approvals by the government like DED, Ministry of Labor or Dubai Municipality etc but the Freezones don’t have extensive paper formalities and don’t need any such approvals. 

Visa services for both the structures are clear from the authorities. Mainland companies have no limitation for the migratory employees whereas Free Zone companies are granted two visas in the smart package. It also depends upon the office space. The mainland is offered 200 sq. ft to be leased out on an annual term although the Free Zone company need not have a physical space but if they do, they can setup more offices to receive more visa permits from the authorities. The additional facility provided for the free zone is ‘Plug-in and go’ if you are seeking outside services wherein licenses can access the common desk to work for 5 hours per week also known as flexi desks. 

So now that you know the major basic differences, it’ll be smoother to come to a conclusion so as to what structure will work best for your business setup or you can reach out to the Business setup companies in UAE like YouFirst – The Business Setup Company who’ll offer an expert advice on the subject matter.

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Five Cost-Effective Ways to Setup Your Business in Free Zone Area in UAE

Once you’re a foreign investor, it can be very difficult to make the right decision, provided that there are over 50 free zones in the UAE you could choose from. Before starting up a company in one of the UAE Free Zones, really do your homework and make a measured decision. Remember all Free Zones have their budgets, varying lists of approved business practices, differing choices for location & services, and separate conditions for shareholding.

Find a freezone

When making those decisions of business setup in Dubai, UAE there are multiple variables you must remember, beginning with whether you want to configure in a free zone unique to the field. Healthcare, ICT, engineering, architecture, outsourcing, advertising, maritime, research, and finance are only a handful of the sectors that the manufacturing free zones of Dubai cater to.

The positioning of your selected free zone also needs to be weighed. And considering the factors such as connections to major roads, you must also know the proximity of all ports and airports when depending on foreign trade or transport.

Apple for the business license

After picking a registered trademark and reporting that one on the portal of the Free Zone Authority, you must request a business license. We have set the list of the many business licenses issued by the establishments for the free zone out above. The form of a business license depends on your business’s primary operation. When applying for both licenses, you need to request the supporting documentation.

Open a corporate bank account

In order to exchange, you would, of course, require a bank account. That’s not always straightforward to open a corporate bank account in the UAE because there is a range of requirements to remember, not especially the eligibility requirements of each branch for setting up a business in UAE.

Statutory Requirements 

For the organization, a supervisor must be designated, and this person may be accountable for the day-to-day success of the organization and is normally responsible for implementing the financial institution and the signing on behalf of the state of any contracts. We would expect the boss to sign off on all improvements that are introduced to the organization structure. The manager must have been a member of the UAE or have the intention of taking up residence for business setup in Freezone.

Applying for visas

You may also submit your visa request. But because of this of your workers and any domestic employees, you might have, you may apply for your own visa.

In case you wish to know about setting up your business in Dubai Freezone or seeking help in setting up your business, you can contact You First- The business set up company