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Mauritius has proved to be an excellent business destination due to its great reputation for being a reliable market. One of the reasons is transparency and stable governance which makes sure a business does not go through many fluctuations due to the economy. The pro-business tax policies are also one of the reasons why businessmen prefer Mauritius. Right from multinational company owners to investors who are looking forward to safeguarding their financial assets, Mauritius is an ultimate offshore option.

The advantages of opening a company in Mauritius are plenty. Establishing a company in the country is very easy and hassle-free. It is not only fast but secure. Mauritius provides an excellent level of security to guard company owners’ individual information & maintain anonymity. It is a 100 percent tax-free zone for transactions done outside the country. Mauritius offers several tax incentives to offshore investing. Both the company and individual income taxes here are at 15%. Mauritius is a member of several international organizations, including the International fund, the planet Bank, and therefore the World Trade Organization.

It also has strong economic ties with its African neighbors, the ECU Union, China, and India. Although there are certain prerequisites for opening a company in Mauritius. These include:-

Essential Company Documents that include:
  • Company Director
  • Company Shareholder
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Company Secretary
  • General document clearance
  • UAE certified legal translation
  • Application for incorporation of the corporate.
  • Photocopy of the national Id card for a citizen
  • Photocopy of passbook
  • Public Utility Bill
  • Consent to act as Shareholder
  • Consent to act as Director
  • Statement of Non-disqualification to Act as Director
  • Consent to act as Secretary