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Seychelles is one of the most favored business destinations for investors willing to start a company overseas. The business-friendly environment, financial sector, asset protection, and tax benefits attract investors from all across the earth.

Forming an IBC in Seychelles is a viable option for all investors wanting to enjoy maximum tax benefits. It’s the foremost versatile tool to conduct business in Seychelles. The IBC registered in Seychelles is taxed free and therefore the company can undertake any commercial activity which is permissible within the country. The Business Act in Seychelles was introduced in 1994. Establishing a company in Seychelles is economical and safe.

The benefits of opening a company in Seychelles include:

  • A completely tax-free offshore corporation
  • The Company are often formed by just one shareholder and therefore the same person can become the Director of the corporate
  • No Physical presence required
  • The policy of complete privacy is allowed and followed
  • Filing annual reports of audited accounts isn’t required
  • Complete tax exemption from any quite corporate also as income
To open a business or a company in Seychelles one needs to submit the required documents. These are:
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share Certificates
  • A set of copies of constitutive documents
  • Members Resolution
  • First shares allotment resolution
  • Resolution of the primary committee meeting