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The Sharjah Media City freeport is a dynamic, innovative initiative designed to promote the growth and proliferation of startups and SMEs, providing creative entrepreneurship accessible to all. SHAMS was designed for people who want to start their business in the media and artistic industry. But the holistic business growth environment has allowed a variety of different industries to rise here.

SHAMS has all the features to make it the best city to start your business at c0nvenience and ease. Thoughtfully located commercial office complexes, intelligently designed transportation to ensure a smooth and fast commute, excellent living facilities, and all the basic amenities including hospitals and schools, making your startup journey more convenient.

Advantages of SHAMS free port formation

SHAMS Freezone provides all the basic and advanced facilities needed to establish your business, along with many benefits to aid you in the process. Here are some of the ways SHAMS is the right choice for your business:

  • Shams free port company development provides 100% foreign ownership
  • No tax and no import or export duties
  • Corporation creation can be done virtually
  • Easy to acquire a visa
  • Company cost setup starts from AED 11,500
  • No NOC required
  • 100% free funds transfer
  • Fast company documentation
  • Allowed to rent foreign employees
Apart from these aids, SHAMS also provides a variety of offices for creative entrepreneurs. Options ranges from dedicated office spaces, shared office spaces, and creative units which are stand-alone offices and community areas.

SHAMS Company Formation

SHAMS Company Formation

The company formation process has been simplified and made convenient to aid budding entrepreneurs. The entire process can be done 100% remotely, irrespective of your nationality. The registration process usually takes 7 days.

Here are the types of company formation available in Shams

Shams LLC: A Shams indebtedness company (LLC) is an independent entity where the shareholders and the owners are separated. This means that the company’s liabilities are solely the company’s liabilities and not of the owner’s or the shareholders’. The same goes for the company’s assets.

With Shams LLC, you get:
  • Independent operating entity
  • Entitled to open a business checking account
  • Entitled to sponsor employee(s)
  • Entitled to get a license
Shams Branch: This is an entity acceptance to an existing parent company. All the profits, revenue, gains, debts, tally, liabilities, and losses are of the parent company. With Shams Branch, you are entitled to:
  • Get a license
  • Sponsor employee(s)
  • Open a business checking account

Documents required for company formation

To ease the entire process of company formation, the SHAMS Freezone Authority requires only a few documents to set up the company. These documents are:

  • Passport copy of the shareholder
  • Passport size photo
  • Application
  • License showing the commercial activity

After the process of incorporation is completed, the business owner can open a checking account in any local bank. On the completion of registration, these documents will be presented to the business owner:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • License with registration number, name, address, commercial activity, etc)
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Share Certificate
  • Occupancy Agreement


Here are some of the highlighting features of Sharjah and why it is so great for your startup and business journey. Take the advantage and make your business reach skyrocketing heights.
  • Sharjah has been the UNESCO World Book Capital City of 2019
  • Capital of Islamic Culture 2014
  • Capital of Arab Press 2016
  • World Book Capital 2019
  • Two coastlines – Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf
  • Sharjah Arab Tourism capital 2015
  • World Class Infrastructure Great landscape, amenities, and wildlife
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Proximity to the Sharjah
  • International Airport
  • Easy business setup process